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Shandong Ruier Seal Co., Ltd.

Shandong Ruier Seal Co., Ltd.Shandong Ruier Seal Co., Ltd professionally produces one-time use security seals, cable seals, plastic seals, electric meter box seals, metal watch band seals, padlocks,  labels, bolt sealing and container seals. The seals produced by Shandong Ruier Seal Company have features of good quality, temperature resistance, easy lock, anti-corrosion, clear mark and numbers, easy application and low price. Seals are widely applied to many industries, including meter, electric meter box, gas meter, gasoline transportation, chemical industry, customs, railway, container, shipping, airline, logistics, etc. We have won the credit of vast users for many years. Currently, we have fixed assets of RMB26million, working capital of RMB42million with annual input of 0.2billion. Each product can only allow to leave factory after passing dozens of strict inspections and unqualified seals are not allowed to leave factory. We have advanced production line and inspection equipment so as to ensure quality of products. And currently we are a modern industry manufacturer integrating research, design, and mass production.