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Technical Requirements for plastic seals

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Update time : 2018-03-30 11:46:10
In addition to meeting the following requirements, plastic seals and seal lines should also comply with relevant national standards.
Technical Requirements:
1.Plastic seals should be flexible when sealing.
2.Plastic seal handles should not break when turning.
3.The plastic seal cannot be reversed when it is sealed (with a non-return function).
4.The length of the exposed seal line is 130mm. (Tolerance range 0~10 MM)
5.The minimum temperature of the seal is -40°C and the highest temperature is 100°C.
6.The appearance of plastic seals should be smooth and clean, without scratches or blemishes.

Plastic seals
Marking and Packing
①Marking: The packing box should be marked with manufacturer's name, product name, quantity and model specification; the supplier's external packing box should indicate which area is allocated, referring to purchase order for specific area.
② Packing: 100/bag - 50 bags/box, each box 5000, with the range of the segment number( should be serial number) and location both on the label of the packaging bag and the box. The inside of the packaging box adopts isolation packaging to ensure there is no bulk bag or damage after the product is packaged and delivered, and the structure and performance can still meet the product requirements.