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The function of plastic seals

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Update time : 2018-04-08 15:08:58
Plastic seals, made of plastic and used to fix wires, cables, etc., can play a very solid fixation. The plastic seal is composed of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle, and the other is a serrated plastic seal strip. The strip body can be bent through the front plastic mouth and form a ring, which can be used to bundle cables. Since the serrations on the seal strips can closely contact with the elastic plastic buckles in the plastic mouth, the plastic seals can firmly fixed them.
Plastic seals are widely used and preferred sealing equipment in electric power, water, petroleum, military, banks, railways, foreign trade inspections, aviation fuel, inspection and quarantine and other institutions to prevent theft or leaks.
Our company's plastic seal material: high-quality nylon 66 \ flame-retardant PP plastic, fire rating 94V-2, good toughness. Compared to other manufacturers, our products are better acidproof and alkali resistant, good insulation, not easy to aging, greater pull, stronger, which is the preferred product in similar products. Welcome to our company to buy seal products.