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Advantages of laser printing

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Update time : 2018-01-24 16:20:37
What is laser printing?
Laser printing is the process of taking use of laser beam to permanently cut image or picture to hard materials (such as plastic, glass, wood or metal). This pattern is usually programmed to a computer which controls laser machine. The strength of laser depends on chosen material and required heat level.
Laser printing technology is widely applied at printing field and manufacturing field. It can be applied to many materials, such as plastic, rubber, metal and silicon slice. Comparing with traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, silk screen printing, ink printing, laser printing has low cost and high flexibility, which can be controlled by computer system. The printing on seal surface is permanent by laser. Security seal laser printing
Security seal laser printing provides ultimate additional protective layer to various kinds of security seals, likely bolt seal, cable seal or plastic seal. Along with the improvement of laser printing, company logo, name can also be printed on seals.
 laser printing of plastic seal
What are the advantages of laser printing?
Permanent: different from other printing ways, laser printing can not reduce due to environmental factors (like contacting with acid, alkaline and gas). It is also not influenced by temperature change. It makes laser printing the perfect choice of chemistry, pharmacy and food industries.
Anti-proof: the printing can not be forged or changed therefore, it provides ultimate tampering evidence for any security seals.
Wide application: laser is applicable to several kinds of metal, e.g. aluminum, copper, iron, wood, plastic, and also non-metal materials.
High processing efficiency: printing strength can be changed due to increase and decrease of laser power so as to guarantee ideal strength of each material.
High engraving precision: printing is exquisite by laser printing and the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm with clear, lasting and elegant printing. It can meet requirements of printing large quantity of data on small seals.