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Anti-fake technology commonly used at seals

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Update time : 2018-01-17 15:57:15
Anti-fake technology commonly used at seals
Seals have been developed for dozens of years, starting from the old type lead seal made of lead to currently many different types of seals made of different materials, for example, plastic seal, cable seal, bolt seal, etc. these seals can be applied at different industries. What are the commonly used anti-fake technologies of seals?
Laser printing of barcode: code itself is unable to anti-fake, but one of the original eight codes can be set as check code during processing, and due to check code is customized according to quantity of each batch, each code is unique. Which makes the duplicate of the whole check codes very difficult.
Laser printing of QR code: the purpose of printing barcode at seals is same as the printing of QR code. Just information of QR code is more than that of barcode, and the information of QR code can only be readable by handheld software, which can effectively play the role of anti-fake.
Use of RFID chip: use of RFID chip at seals. It has global unique identification code, and chip can store many information, which can play the role of anti-fake.