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Application and classification of blockade

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Update time : 2018-04-11 16:54:42
The application of the blockade is more and more widely used in today's society, and the classification is also very clear, such as: container blockade, tanker blockade, railway blockade, and so on. The birth of the blockade can be said to be a revolution in the history of secrecy and escort production. With its excellent quality and unique features, it has ensured the protection of the transportation industry.
The blockade is a one-time lock that not only has a wide range of uses, but also has a significant effect. For example, it can be used in the management of electric energy meters and meter boxes, which can effectively prevent power loss and ensure the exact collection of electricity charges. It can be said that it is a strong safe. Another example is the application of customs transportation as an effective means of supervising the export of goods. Only customs-specific supporting tools can be opened, which can be called a good match. After the opening, the blockade cannot be used again. This one-off feature guarantees the integrity and safety of the goods.
The style of the blockade is varied and widely used. The representative types are the bullet-type multi-purpose blockade, rocker-style blockade, flat round plastic coated wire blockade, six-edge cable seal and so on.