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Application of security seals

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Update time : 2018-02-09 09:17:19
Seals are widely applied at railways, port, aviation, post and telecommunication, electricity, petroleum, food, logistics, express, various kinds of containers, trucks and other transportation industries. Sealing is locked once with functions of anti-proof, anti-theft, safety and insurance.
1.Temperature resistance, easy locking and good anti-corrosion performance
2.One time use and once locked, unable to open. With good security. Prevent theft.
3.Prevent petroleum, sunscreen, easy in installation, strong strength, pull tight structure.
4.Cable seal does not have spur which is safe at use.
5.Lock head has better resistance to oxidation and larger strength, anti-acid, aluminum of alkali resisting, wrapped by ABS; cable wire adopts aviation steel wire with good safety.