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Bolt seals for shipping containers

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Update time : 2017-12-14 14:55:03
Bolted safety seals are very durable and apply to high safety applications such as transport containers, trucks and trailers, carriages, and other heavy-duty seals. Bolts and locks have matching serial numbers, which are etched into plastic coverings by laser.
How to use bolt safety seals
Insert the bolt into the locking mechanism, and the metal bolt is stuck in place in the metal locking cylinder. Metal bolts and metal cores are wrapped in plastic to show signs of tampering.
Bolt Seal Before Use
Bolt Seal After Use
Our Advanced bolt seal design includes no-spin features to minimize tampering. The metal bolts have hexagonal shapes that interlock with the metal locking mechanism. This design can prevent rotation.
Bolt Seal Lock Featuring No-Spin Hex Design
When you use quality container seals on your shipping containers, you can easily tell if the container has been opened. There are even tamper evident door seals that can be used where other tamper evident seals are not an option. Regardless of what type of container seals you choose, the ability to quickly and effectively determine whether your containers have been opened can provide a valuable tool in reducing loss during shipment.