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China's 23rd solar term--lesser cold

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Update time : 2018-01-05 09:21:43
Lesser cold is the coldest solar term of the year in China, in addition to keeping warm in daily life, entering the lesser cold year, people began to write couplets, cut window grilles, market to buy New Year pictures, lanterns, firecrackers, incense and so on, for the Spring Festival to prepare. On the diet, mutton hotpot, eating sugar fry chestnuts, roasted sweet potatoes become lesser cold fashion. As the saying goes, "39 to make up one winter, no pain in the coming year," said the winter lamb nursed the body's practice. In ancient times, Rugao people pay attention to the Lesser cold, but with the changes in time, has gradually faded, people can only from life to find a point of trace.
Residents of daily diet also focus on warm food, such as mutton, dog meat, which is the most common mutton soup, and some restaurants also launched Angelica Ginger Lamb soup, some traditional winter mutton dishes reproduce the table, reproduced in Rugao winter food customs.
lesser cold
The Chinese jujube kernel porridge has the benefit of liver and kidney, nourishing blood soothe the nerves.
 Materials: 10 grams, jujube kernel 10 grams, 50 grams of rice.
Practice: Will be the Yuen, JuJube kernel, japonica Wash. Japonica into the sand pot, add the right amount of water, the fire boil, and then put into the Yuen, JuJube benevolence, small heat boiled to rice rotten porridge thick.
The steamed chicken with Chinese yam and Medlar has the function of nourishing spleen and kidney.
Materials: 1 chickens (about 1000 grams), North Qi 15 grams, 20 grams of radix, yam 40 grams, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, mushrooms, bamboo shoots each 25 grams, the appropriate amount of seasoning.
Practices: The broiler slaughter, out of the internal organs, wash standby, will be North Qi, codonopsis, yam, medlar, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wash, into the chicken, the incision of the chicken, put a clean plate, steaming on the steamer about 1 hours.
As the saying goes, "Osamu cold, cold ice Group." This solar term young people pay attention not because of eating fat gan Atsumi, spicy products and long acne.