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electric meter seal

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Update time : 2017-12-19 09:49:40
What is the electric meter seal
Meter seal has a rotary and push two
1, the shell is transparent components for the PC color part of ABS
2, the line is generally stainless steel 7 strands
3, marking: Marking anywhere, subject to the content of the customer requirements.
4, there are currently five kinds of seal rotation, the line is not less than 1 mm.
Multimeter sealed for electricity meters, water meters and other items of the seal. Because the meter seals are disposable, they are not allowed to be opened by themselves once they are put into use, and will be legally responsible if opened without permission from the relevant department.
electric meter seal
How to deal with the meter seal rupture
First, as long as it is open meter seal, will be handled by stealing.
Second, each meter will have a meter seal, are sealed by the local power company, the power company's assets. The main function of this meter seal is to prevent someone steal electricity stolen electricity, according to the "Regulations on the supply and use of electricity": forgery or open statutory or authorized metrological certification agencies seal the use of electricity metering device seal electricity, are stealing electricity Behavior, so that can not easily open the meter seal.