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Feature and Functions of Security Seals

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Update time : 2018-03-29 09:11:54
1.Security Seals Feature
The appearance of security seals is varied, and there is no complete unification for it. It is just like the various types of locks we usually use . The most used security seal is made of a long steel wire with a seal bean, there are dozens of security seal types, each of them is a little different from the others, but overall they are still similar. There are also various colors for the security seals, which will be freely chosen and determined by the customers .

Security Seals
2.Security Seals Functions
Customs Unpacking Inspection. Customs inspection refers to the opening of the container by the Customs officers, or checking it out completely. In order to prevent the owner from thinking that it is illegally opened by others, a customs seal is sealed, to inform the owner about the Customs inspection. At the same time, the seal number must be recorded on the customs records .
Customs Transit. The customs transit is that the goods imported from the port customs is transferred to the inland customs for declaration. Security seals play the roles of anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-tamper during the transportation of goods.