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Function of seals at safety valve

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Update time : 2018-02-01 11:52:48
The function of seals at safety valve is to prevent safety valve adjusting and guaranteeing jump action pressure. After finishing adjusting safety valve, seals should be locked so as to prevent random changing adjusted set-pressure. Checking the set-pressure, rated pressure, relieving pressure, fulfilling pressure, after confessing, sealing the adjusted hat and valve disassemble parts, make pressure unable to adjust, and valve unable to disassemble. When need to repair safety valve, mark the position of screw and adjusting ring before disassembling valve, so as to the adjustment after repair. Sealing again after adjusting set pressure well.
After realizing the check of safety valve, seal the adjustable or loosening part of inner parts so as to void the failure of safety valve action or change of set pressure. On the other hand, wire is easy to break off, if safety valve is adjusted, wire is broken, and judge if safety valve is broken when check.