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Functions of electronic seals

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Update time : 2018-01-30 15:05:28
Functions of electronic seals
1. The guardian angel and safety lock of measuring instrument: prevent false making of seal, forbid the occurrence of water, electricity and gas stolen. Common seals depend on the clamp mark to judge the false and truth of seal, which is very easy to counterfeit. While each electronic seal has one unique identification code which is programmed at the time of making semi-conductor chip and is realized by laser printing. It is nonrepetitive around the world. The only code of chip can be readable through wireless non-contact way, and compare with database to judge the false and truth of seals. The production cost of electronic seal is comparatively low, but copy cost is very expensive and with much difficulty, which essentially shut the door upon illegal persons. The prevention of copy can bring great economic benefit to public enterprise companies.
2.  Realize the digital management of meter reading: read information in non-touched way, automatically tune out water meter customer files, store meter data with super large capacity, automatically generate and derive charged form. Meter readers take handheld reading meter device which can recognize meter seal, automatically tune out user files of this counter through recognizing electronic seal, and then input the data of measuring instrument and directly lead in computer software and generate charging table after storage.

electronic seals
In such way, after using electronic seals at water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, automatic identification can rapidly realize, electronic storage reading data, conducting data, automatic forming bill, printing receipt, etc. Small input can upgrade the management to paperless number information management.