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High security seal certificate

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Update time : 2018-03-15 10:49:34

The ISO 17712:2013 high security seal includes features that generate tell-tale evidence of tampering. Some evidence of tampering includes:
Clamping marks on any sections of the plasticized or plain pin or bush. 
Signs of cutting and re-joining on the exposed shaft of the pin. 
Signs of cutting and re-joining around the base section of the bush.
ISO 17712:2013, revises ISO 17712:2010, however, per U,S Customs and Border Protection’s April 2014 Bulletin Compliance With ISO’s 17712 Standards for High Security Seals, C-TPAT partners may continue to use their remaining inventories of ISO 17712:2010 high security seals before purchasing the newer ISO 17712 version.
As a reminder, the current U.S. mandate requires that all maritime cargo containers destined for the United States be secured with a high-security ISO compliant seal.
Please note, all laden containers taken into APL’s custody must be secured with seals that meet or exceed ISO 17712 high security seal standards. Additionally, APL recommends that customers moving high value and/or sensitive cargo adopt an added level of security by using an indicative (non-keyed) theft deterrent barrier seal.
APL’s seal inventory is current with ISO 17712:2013. To view our seal vendors and /or obtain vendors’ test reports and certification documents, please go to APL’s Seal Suppliers section below.