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How to dispose seals after use?

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Update time : 2018-01-19 09:42:35
How to dispose seals after use?
Seals are widely applied to many fields and use amount is larger and larger. Because seals are one-time use products, and broken seals can not be used again. Then how to dispose these used seals?
plastic seal
Most seals are made of metal, wire, aluminum, plastic and so on, so to most extent, there will be pollution to environment, which requires us to correctly dispose these used seals to decrease the damage to environment. We can collect them and classify to store. To store by dividing metal and plastic. Plastic of seals mostly adopts ABS with light degradation characteristics, therefore, there will not be white pollution. At the same time, all kinds of harmful gases have weak exudation ability, which are relatively environmental protection materials. With appropriate treatment, there will not be harmful to environment. Collected metal and wire can be sold to reclamation depot. As long as we correctly dispose used seals, it can decrease pollution to environment.
Along with the innovation of times, seals are also updated. The original lead materials are replaced by other materials, used materials can be recycled and reused, which will play an important role to the protection of environment. We need protect environment constantly. We shall act together to create a better future.