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Introduction of security seals surface technology

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Update time : 2018-03-13 17:09:20
The appearance technologies of security seals mainly include: polishing, brush, painting, stoving varnish, electroplate, etc. furthermore, some advanced seals also adopt advanced special treatment technology. Living house seals mainly look at surface treatment technology. Because the requirements of seals far more than using function, also adding decoration function. Just like people get dressed not only for getting warmed. E.g. heat tinting technology.
Generally speaking, adopting which technology not only consider cost, but also depend on seal material, like polishing and brush are not suitable for materials which not easy to get rust; painting, stoving varnish, electroplate are suitable for materials with anti-rust feature; heat tinting technology are suitable for high level magnalium materials.
Seals after polishing and brush can show material texture in a better way, displaying natural in good taste; seals after painting, stoving varnish, electroplate look more beautiful and luxurious; seals after oxidation treatment can resist corrosion and not easy to fade out.
When choosing, pay attention to if the surface has bright side and there is burr for seals with polishing treatment; pay attention to if the texture is clear and even with brush treatment; check if the color is even and pretty with painting, stoving varnish, electroplate treatment and see if there is bubble outside.