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Metal strap seal Introduction

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Update time : 2018-03-23 11:10:31
The strap seal is made of zinc-plated sheet metal. The main body is produced out of one piece making it impossible to disassemble and then reassemble the seal again. Bend the top of the strap downwards and position the pin in the oval slot. Press both parts of the seal head together, until there is an audible click. The seal's integrity can be checked by moving the seal strap of the locked seal. It is not possible to enter the lock with any kind of tool. The manual opening of the seal is impossible without leaving marks.
The raised edges provide additional protection against manipulation once the seal is locked. The strap seal is embossed with a serial number and can be customised with an additional text of up to 17 characters . The seal can be used with the extension wire, if the sealing apertures are spaced too far apart.A tin snip is required to remove the strap seal.
The versatile strap seal is especially suited to securing curtain side trucks fitted with TIR cables, box trucks, railway wagons, lorry tankers and containers, as well as boxes and other items for despatch.
Our line of affordable metal strap security seals are fixed length and come in two varieties, flat metal truck seals and ball-end truck seals. Custom print and numbering is offered for additional security.