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Origin of seals

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Update time : 2018-03-23 14:39:04
Along with the development of industry and update of products and with the requirements of products safety inspection, plastic seals also play necessary role at industry, which is a traditional device of anti-fake and preventing cheating. It is normally made of plastic and metal. Because it widely uses metal lead, therefore, lead seal also named plastic seal, which is used for preventing open and damage of metering equipment.
The concept of seals originally start from wax seal of ancient letters. So as to protect privacy of letter, drop was on sealing of envelope and add unique stamp before wax becomes dry. Because when opening letter, the wax will be damaged and can not be restored, therefore can judge if the letter is opened or not. Along with times development, wax sealing develops many formats including current seals. Because seals have soft materials and can print with logo, people start to use this seal at cargo transportation along with development and trade exchange.