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plastic padlock seal Instructions

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Update time : 2018-03-07 10:13:06
There are security seals with wire seals, meter seals, plastic seals and bolt container seal are not wired. high security seals are most commonly used in containers, trucks, plastic seals are also widely used, with more fire extinguisher seal used.
Cable wire seal
Pull tight Galvanized Steel cable seals offer a tamper evident solution for sealing truck trailers, containers, and various other cargo holds. Made of heavy-duty Galvanized Steel come pre-printed with 6 digit sequencial numbers. To use simply thread the end of the 1.8mm Galvanized Steel wire through the heavy-duty aluminum alloy lock and pull tight. These security seals can only be removed by wire cutters. This is a ISO 17712:2013 Compliant Seal.

cable seal
Applications: UVA trucks, containers, wire baskets, cars, shipping containers, swap bodies, tank containers, fuse boxes, tool boxes, motors, water pumps, transport containers, computer cases, chemical containers, Tanker Valves, Chemical Valves, Gas Valves, Ship Valves, Milk Tankers. Benefits: Hex Wire Cable Seal has excellent temperature stability Individual attachment of the steel cable through Cable Pull Locking allows precise application The steel rope diameter has very high tensile strength and is heavy Excellent readability even in artificial light Plastic protective layer as an indicator of tampering For sealing no tool is required Already for openings from 1,5 mm To unseal with quality steel rope cutters Excellent readability even in artificial light Laser marking: consecutive numbering, Name, Logo. 
Twister wire seal
Twister wire seal is an easily applied seal for all types of meters. A clear body houses a colour insert with a one way rotating locking mechanism. Once sealed, the locking mechanism is completely encased, meaning tampering is extremely difficult - any tamper attempts are clear from viewing the locking insert through the transparent body.
The Twist Lock Meter and Valve Seal is a two part Polycarbonate wire seal that offers an alternate to lead and plastic wire seals. The seal is applied by threading a nylon coated wire through the two holes on the body of the seal.Once the wire is twisted around the inner core and the handle is broken off, it is impossible to remove without cutting the wire or breaking the polycarbonate body. Unique numbering adds another level of security which provides the ability to track every seal back to employees or job numbers quickly and easily.