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Porridge Festival Custom

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Update time : 2018-01-24 11:58:45
Porridge Festival this day have to drink porridge custom, Porridge Festival porridge also called "Seven treasure Five Porridge". The history of drinking porridge in our country has been more than 1000 years. First started in the Song Dynasty. Whenever Porridge Festival this day, no matter is the imperial court, the official, the monastery or the Lebanon house all must do porridge. In the Qing Dynasty, the custom of drinking porridge was prevalent. At court, the emperor, empress, Prince and so on must to the minister of Man Mo, the attendants maid to give porridge, and to the various monasteries issued rice, fruit, etc. for monks to eat. In the civil, every household also want to do porridge, sacrifice ancestors, at the same time, family reunion together to eat, gifts and friends.
All over the porridge in China, competing for a strange competition, a wide variety. One of the most exquisite in peiping, mixed in white rice items more, such as dates, lotus seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, longan, hazelnut, grapes, ginkgo, chestnut, black hair, roses, red beans, peanuts ... There are no more than 20 kinds. People in the evening of the When the night before because, began to busy, washing rice, fruit, skin, to nucleus, and then start cooking in the middle of the night, and then with Ember Stew, until the next morning, porridge to boil well. More exquisite people, but also to the fruit carved into human form, animals, patterns, and then put in the pot to boil. More characteristic is to put on the "Fruit Lion" in the porridge. The fruit lion is made of several fruits of the lion, with a tick-dried crispy as a lion body, half walnut as the lion Head, peach kernel as a lion's foot, sweet Almond used as a lion's tail. Then stick together with sugar, put in porridge bowl, live like a little lion. If the bowl is larger, you can put two lions or four small lions. More fastidious, is uses the paste, the red bean paste, the yam, the Hawthorn cake and so on has each kind of color food, pinches into Immortals person, The porridge of this ornament is only visible in the altar of the old temple.