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Prevent petroleum stolen

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Update time : 2018-01-15 13:53:28
Prevent petroleum stolen
Currently, one certain petroleum company applies electronic seals to all oil tank trucks of subordinate petroleum stations. The use of electronic seals aims to reduce the oil product wastage of secondary logistics, prevent the stolen of petroleum, and promote the quality safety management of petroleum quality and quantity.
According to introduction of related staff of this company, this electronic seal technology of oil tank trucks realizes that oil tank truck valve can only apply to open the lock within 20meters of appointed petroleum warehouse and gas station by advantage of GPS satellite positioning system through newly developed electronic micro-control technology, which greatly reduces the cheating possibility of seal operation, guarantees the safety of petroleum of each gas station and customer petroleum of secondary logistics, protects the legal rights of company and consumer, effectively supervises the whole process of oil tank transportation delivery, and therefore, regulates the operation of each petroleum transportation, prevents illegal operation, and provides scientific basis of transportation companies credit. And at the mean time, the use of electronic seals greatly reduces the filling of related standing books of gas station and petroleum warehouse, reduces the use of staffs at gas station and petroleum warehouse, and saves large amount of traditional seals purchase cost.