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Prevent theft of cross-border goods

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Update time : 2018-01-22 17:34:36
The on-road drivers and organizations are the victims of organized criminal attack and safety events. Goods theft, goods broken, transportation loss and immigration are some risks confronted by drivers daily. The annual loss of goods theft amount for transportation department equals to billion euros. Drivers are influenced seriously in physically and also mentally.
Drivers confront a new serious threat is that immigrants get on trucks in force in order to cross border. Furthermore, customs authority also makes high amount of penalty to each immigrant inside of trucks or containers, which cause financial loss to organization, especially sensitive goods, like food or medicine.
Logistics service is constantly challenged so as to reduce operation cost. Therefore, safety budget is the first part of seeking saving cost, which causes cheaper and low-quality safety seals to be purchased. Although every organization reduces operation cost and increases profit, they supervise risks caused to drivers and also goods.

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The price difference between high-quality and low-quality security seals is several dollars, pounds or euros. While cost of high value goods can be hundreds of thousand dollars or pounds or euros.
Many logistics companies have asked experts for their suggestions for how to improve their goods safety guarantee procedure. According to market investigation, 80% theft can be prevented by high quality safety seals.
With using of high quality security seals, we believe it can prevent more goods theft or illegal immigration. And although the cost is increased by safety factor, it can save more if seals have effect when goods lost, broken or delayed.