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Problems confronted during seal wire production

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Update time : 2018-03-12 09:29:42
The clamp mark (also known as seals) is a kind of metrological verification qualified seals, which strengthens the management of measuring instrument anti-theft sealing wire. It is a kind of measures taken by quality technology supervision department guaranteeing the measuring performance of measuring instruments, divided by factory seals and quality technology supervision department verification seals. Seeing from the management of measuring instrument of many years, seals play an important role of strengthening measuring instrument management. But during actual work, many problems exposed, mainly include:
1.Reliability of wire. Item 21 of Implementing Rules of Measuring Method regulates that products without qualified marks or certificates or measuring instruments not qualified are not allowed to deliver. Therefore, some measuring instruments, like pressure gage, fuel dispenser, X machine should have seals before delivery. Generally speaking, during verification of measuring instrument, as long as the allowable error of measuring instrument of new produced, after repair and at use does not surpass, seals are not changed. After implementation of Measuring Rules, factories strictly manage seals and to make the management of measuring instrument normally operate.
2.Disordered management of wire. Because some technical institutions have several pliers, and some people use whatever convenient and not according to Management Methods of Measuring Verification Marks, which also bring problems to seals management.
3.Anti-proof technology of wire is bad and it is easy to duplicate. Seals are commonly simple, and as long as duplicated and used, it means all measuring data of measuring instruments expose, which lead to all data go to out of control and impossible to manage.