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Problems occurred during transportation

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Update time : 2018-01-12 17:26:33
1、Inquiry of goods current location. Currently, goods owners and logistics companies can only get several key points when tracking goods, for example, when one batch or one good is transported from Shanghai to Beijing, customers can only get the information that goods are in one certain transfer station or distribution center in Shanghai, or in one certain transfer station or distribution center in Beijing. And they have no idea of where is the exact location of goods during long-distance transportation.
2、Anti-proof and anti-replacement during long-distance transportation. No matter the traffic volume, long or short distance during transportation, the stealing or replacement of bad to good happens, which seriously influences the reputation of transportation company, and even causes the great economic loss. The traditional management method is to make contract constraint, on-way check, penalty and praise measure and persuasion and education, with a little effect.
How to prevent theft
Security seal is a kind of equipment similar as lock implemented by specialized person after goods are loaded in container and correctly close container door. Once locked correctly, it is unable to open unless violent break (cutting) and once broken, seals can not be used again. As long as container appearance is complete, door correctly closed, seal normally locked, it proves the container is not open during transportation. The inside container situation is supervised by loading person.
Electronic seal is a new type of security seal by combining RFID technology with normal seal. It adds contactless recognized RFID chip and the information of electronic seal and marked object can be displayed by data.