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Product Material Introduction

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Update time : 2017-11-17 21:17:00
Bolt seal
1, colorful plastic shell material: can be customized according to user requirements.
2, transparent shell material: PC (polycarbonate) such as the headlights of the car, my company is currently used by the  Anti-ultraviolet, so in the sun will not change color.
3. Inner rod Material: low carbon steel.
4, the color on the inner bar: white: galvanized; Color depends on the technology of electroplating.
Bolt seal

plastic seal
1, pp: polypropylene, translucent, production of melting point is 220-320°, only with PP no feel, long time will break
2, PE: polyethylene, translucent, only with PE 10 percent will not be white print, but too soft, pulling small, easy to draw children
3, Nylon: Nylon 66 high cost, 10 percent will not be white print, poor production, strict requirements
Most of our products material pp+pe, can increase hardness and softness.

Cable seal
1, aluminum alloy wire seals:
(1) Lock body color: electrolytic aluminum oxidation coloring, after more than 10 times coloring, color fastness is higher, color can be customized.
(2) Wire Rope: 1.0mm above can be done, rope diameter to 0.5mm increase, wire rope diameter and lock body size is proportional. Wire Rope
(3) Lock Core: Zinc alloy, the surface has cut marks.
2. Zinc Alloy steel wire seals (some manufacturers use powder alloy for cheap)
(1) A3 (q235a): galvanized iron, length can be willing to be customized according to customer requirements, the tail hot melt off the package a layer of silver powder effect is not beautiful, open packaging has a pungent odor is not a quality problem!
(2) Wire Rope classification: Ordinary (cut open steel wire), scattered flowers (cut off after the wire spread anti-theft false)
3, ABS plastic lock (hexagonal, square)
Cable seal
Meter seal
The instrument seal has two kinds of rotary and pressing type
1, Shell: Transparent components for the PC color part for ABS
2. Line 304 Stainless steel 7 strand
3, marking: anywhere can be marked
Meter seal