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Reasons that European countries establish inner control system of seals

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Update time : 2018-03-26 09:56:00
Because the transportation way in European countries is very far and sometimes it will take several days or even one week, it is quite important how to avoid the loss risk of goods during transportation. In common thought, lock and key shall be the first method which can think of. But during operation, there will be the problem of key controlling: will it be good to give it to driver? There will be hundreds of vehicles and keys. How to manage? Large transportation companies will be in pain. Therefore, along with logistics center is becoming larger and larger, management mode of key will slowly knock out.
In another way, each industry and factory handles logistics to more professional companies including the third party logistics. Especially, during long distance, or transfer or enter to other countries, the possibility of being contacted by unrelated person is very high. For example, after 911 event, America customs once strictly control at ports and managed dangerous goods entering to USA state and indirectly promoted international agreement of CTPAT and AEO.