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The application of cable seals

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Update time : 2018-04-09 16:13:39
Cable seals is using steel wire as the seal line. There is springs and steel balls in the head of the cable seal, which has a reaction force to the inserted steel wire so that the steel wire can only enter and cannot pulled out, formed a one-time use cable seal. There are many kinds of appearance of cable seals. The locks of cable seals are made of plastic or aluminum alloy, but their functions are similar.
There are many kinds of colors of wire seals, and you can choose the right color according to the occasion of use. In addition, you can use laser printing or hot stamping on the lock of the cable seal to print the company logo, QR code, and other code.

Cable seals
During the use of the wire seal, the wire will oxidize due to prolonged contact with the air. The appearance of the wire will be rusted. When the wire is inserted into the lock, no spring clip sound is emitted, indicating that the spring inside the lock has rusted. The steel wire cannot be stuck with the steel ball, and the steel wire can also be interspersed randomly in the lock head. Such a product is unqualified and does not achieve the effect of safety protection. Normally when the qualified cable seal being used, the spring clip will make a clear sound. When using, the wire can only be inserted and cannot be pulled out, and it can only be cut with a wire cutter. The ordinary length of the steel wire is generally 300mm, and after inserting the lock head, a length of about 5cm can be left, to make sure it can not be easily pulled out.