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trailer seals

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Update time : 2017-12-14 14:05:34
There are many types of truck seals, high security seals, plastic seals, steel wire seals, metal seals, etc. can be used in trucks.
We provide a variety of high security, high seal, plastic seals, steel wire seals, metal seals, etc., meet or exceed the ISO 17712 standard, which is all meet the requirements of the TPAT standard seals. These indicative seals are perfect for shipping companies, airlines, retailers, manufacturers and anyone who needs a security label. Seals can be placed on doors, suitcases, containers or any other items that need to be restricted to entry.
trailer seals
We are both manufacturers and suppliers, reduce unnecessary intermediate links, to the maximum extent to ensure the quality of seals, we direct contact with customers, the next single to the factory, customers have any dissatisfaction with the whole process with a single, fully protect customer rights and interests, customer first.
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