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Twist Seal Advantage and test

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Update time : 2018-03-06 09:45:11
A good alternative to the traditional seal and wire seal is the Twist Seal. This seal consists of a transparent plastic housing with colored rotating system with a steel wire attached to it. The steel wire goes through the object to be sealed, and is then screwed into the housing by means of the handle. To prevent abuse by third parties, the lever can be removed after placing the seal.Completely plastic seal with incorporated sealing wire. Transparent exterior for better control of the closing mechanism. To close, turn the handle of the seal 360°. Once closed it is advisable to snap off the handle. It is impossible to tamper the seal once it is secured.
Plastic coated steel seal with a twist method of application. For sealing of circuit breakers, electricity meters, power grids, shipping boxes, various closures, checkpoints, bols, flanges, valves, marking of hand tools etc.

 wire seal
Twist seals are distinguished not only by their optimized technology for the special purpose of application, but also have extraordinary advantages in practical use for the involved company itself:
Sturdy and hard-wearing wire seal "Twist seal"- tested during hard everyday logistics
The twist seal can be closed by means of a screw mechanism and without the use of a tool
Individual color selection and own logo on a marking area of 7 mm x 20 mm possible
The rotary movement of the screw plug seals the twist tray
Security seals can be used in different areas of the industry. However, security seals are heavily
used in the freight and cargo industry from forwarding agencies and transporters.
Beside the protection, security seals can also be used for further information. Every seal has a consecutive number printed on it, giving the operator the opportunity to identify or trace a single truck, bag, container or shipment. This number can easily be added to the PC database, increasing tracability and security.