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Twist Seal

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Update time : 2017-12-27 11:25:41
1.Twist Seal picture
Twist Seal
2.What is the twist seal
It has four locking arrangement and design such a way that use with thick seal wire Polycarbonate Security Roto seal has built with two parts in which outer body is made by natural polycarbonate and it is fully transparent and insert may be in different color as –red, yellow, blue green etc. And stainless steel wire provide with seal in any suitable length. Stainless Steel wire in grade of 304/316 of size: 0.65 mm (Outer diameter).
3.How to use the twist seal
Insert wire in the hole where to apply the seal. And passed the both free ends of seal wire in seal 2 holes and pulled the both free ends of wire and now turn the handle to clock-wise to achieve perfect closure. After having adjusted it, the handle must be broken.
 use the twist seal
4.The features of the twist seal
No tools required for application
Polycarbonate (PC) body and stainless steel sealing wire
Optional wires as plastic isolated and galvanized
Different lengths available on request
The external part is transparent for the visual control of integrity.
Seal insert standard colors : Blue, red, yellow, green, orange etc
Company mono, name serial number barcode by laser or hot stamping.