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Types and functions of water and electricity meter seals

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Update time : 2018-01-26 10:35:40
Types and functions of water and electricity meter seals
Security seals used on the surface of water meters have many types which have in common. It can be cable seal, anti-proof seal, or lead seal. There are many types of seals, but basing on safety and serial number storage, cable seal has great advantages.

water seal
After sealing, cable seal has strong sealing strength, the serial number and barcode information printed on lock head can be clearly displayed, which can be directly readable to mobile equipment at using or recording, without the need of manual copying. While another kind of anti-proof seal, only white letters can be hot stamped without barcode due to small printing area. The information can only be captured by eyes and due to small number, there is large error. Besides, lead seal can only lock and it can not print any information. After locking, any information is impossible to read.
Water and electricity meter seal is equal to key to house, which plays an important safety role to the inner part of water and electricity meters. If finding keys to our home water meter, then we can check inner structure of water meter according to correct opening way.