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What shall we do when the Fire extinguisher seals were opened?

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Update time : 2018-02-07 17:00:03
What shall we do when the Fire extinguisher seals were opened?
A seal on the fire extinguisher indicates that the fire extinguisher is new (unused) and opened seal indicates that the fire extinguisher may have been used. As long as the insurance pin is not unplugged, then check the fire extinguisher pressure gauge, if the pointer is in the green area, or yellow-to-green area, it indicates normal pressure and the fire extinguisher has not been used, we can continue to use. If the pressure gauge is in the red area, it indicates that the pressure is too low, the fire extinguisher has been used or the fire extinguisher has expired, we should look for a Maintenance company to refill the fire extinguisher, or buy a new one.

 Fire extinguisher seals
How to use fire extinguishers
1, Drag the handle by right hand, drag the bottom of the fire extinguisher by left hand, gently remove the fire extinguisher
2, Carry the fire extinguisher to the scene
3, Remove the seal
4, Unplug the insurance pin
5, Hold the nozzle by left hand, carry the handle by right hand;
6, At a distance of two meters from the flame, right hand press hard by right hand, hold the nozzle swinging around by left hand, spray dry powder covering the entire combustion zone.