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What to eat in lunar year

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Update time : 2018-02-07 13:46:46
Festival stove, folk pay attention to eat dumplings, intended to "give dumplings windward." Mountain eat cake and buckwheat noodles. Southeast of Shanxi, the popular practice of eating fried corn, Minyan there are "twenty-three, do not eat fried, New Year's Day one pot down" argument. People like to stick fried corn with maltose, frozen into large pieces, crisp and sweet to eat. Old, regardless of the rich and poor, as long as the top door home to live, it is necessary in the pot on the wall above the table dedicated to the statue of the stove Royal Highness, posted on both sides of the couplet like: "God said good things, the lower bound Paul flat press." Each home stove The prince is regarded as the god, from it to dominate a fortune and fortune, because the seasons often live in the kitchen, watching a family's activities, naturally become "a home of the Lord."

lunar year
 The sugar is a kind of sticky and sticky maltose, which is drawn as a long stick of sugar called "Kanto Sugar". It is called "sugar melon" after being drawn into an oblate shape. Winter put it outside the house, because the weather is cold, sugar melon solidified inside and there are some tiny bubbles, eat crispy sweet crisp, do not have flavor.