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What’s the Security twist seal

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Update time : 2018-02-27 11:50:33
Our security seal "Twist" is a completely plastic seal for sealing wire. The transparent exterior gives a better control of the closing mechanism. To close, turn the handle of the seal. After that you can snap off the handle. This seal allows the usage of galvanised, copper, brass, stainless steel or nylon-copper wire.
The Twist Wire Seal is an excellent general purpose wire seal. The Twist Wire Seal features a one-way ratchet mechanism which prevents the wire from being backed out. The clear acrylic body is engineered to reveal tampering attempts.By turning the "thumbscrew" the seal wire is wound on the inner spool and is not traceable. (Single-use)The seal is easy to open with scissors. The Twist Seal is easier to handle in comparison with small round seals and seal wire on the roll and allows a faster seal. The seal wire is covered with a thin plastic material, which allows a higher resistance to rust and environmental influences. The seal is provided with a unique consecutive number.

Twist Wire Seal
Material: Housing made of UV resistant polycarbonate (PC) and galvanized and plastic
- Made of Polycarbonate (PC) Ultra-Violet resistent body and Polyacethale (POM) colored insert
- Unique design of one piece body provides enhanced security and great tamper-proof feature
- Stainless steel , Galvanised Steel and PVC coated Steel sealing wire options
- Requested length of sealing wire can be attached to the Twistseal body
- Laser marking company name and 8 digits serial number
- Barcode option for mobile applications - Available with a white patch resistent to all solvents for best barcode contrast on