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Why you choose High security seals

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Update time : 2018-02-10 10:25:49
The security seal is a one-time sealing device used in trucks, trucks or container trucks and containers. Once the seal is locked, it can not be opened, unless it is destroyed by violence, and can not be destroyed. And each seal has a unique number on the logo, more protection of its security. In the container or container transport without permission can not be opened privately, once opened there can be seen from the damaged high security cover.
security seal
The lock and the lock lever are made of metal. The inside of the lock body is a spring-type structure, and the surface is galvanized passivation. The surface of the lock body can be customized according to the customer's needs or the bar code and the bar code. Words and so on.High security seals are now widely used in aviation, petroleum, chemical, electrical, railway, highway, port, post and telecommunications, cargo transport containers, tankers, bags and various measuring tables and other fields, its unique structure In the future will be more useful. High security isn’t just a term used to describe what some might perceive to be “better” seals, or seals that appear to be tougher than the rest. In order for a seal to be rated as high security, it needs to meet with world customs and ISO security standards, having gone through a rigorous testing process and been found to comply with the highest international standards. Most need to be made of strong materials that require special tools to be opened.
High security bolt seal
Using anything less is not advised when transporting high valued goods. Global customs have strict rules on what qualifies as high security. High security bolt seals are exceptionally durable and can’t be removed without the use of special tools. If safety is a concern, especially when large volumes or valuable goods are a factor, anything less puts you and your business at an unnecessary risk.
The World Customs Organization’s Framework of standards endorses and encourages the use of seals having achieved an ISO 17712:2013 rating, as does the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and that’s what we offer to our customers – certified high security seals having undergone and passed independent testing at an international level.Bolt seals and cable seals form a large part of this category, especially when considering their excellent use on sea freight containers. They are numbered to prevent easy replacement, thereby further deterring potential theft.