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Wide use of lead seals

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Update time : 2018-01-11 13:41:22
1.Shipping, aviation and freight transportation process
Container seals are usually used after container is locked so as to guarantee the safety of goods at transportation. The purpose is to prevent goods stolen if container door opens. Besides, when goods are transferring port or wharf, customs seals are also used after finishing check when need to check and open the container.
2.Oil tank trucks and container trucks
Seals are also used at the petroleum entrance and exit part so as to prevent driver stolen when transporting petroleum.
3.Other occasions
At any occasions, as long as in the need of seal and do not want others to open it, seals can be used.
Many instruments need seals, such as electricity meter, water meter, gas meter and extinguishers, etc. The purpose is to prevent personal opening instrument and playing trick of degree or configuration of meters. It can effectively prevent the stolen of electricity, water, gas or petroleum. It has big function although it is so small.
Security seal can be used as the anti-fake label. Commercial inspection, buying on behalf of others, sealing barrel use one-time anti-fake seals to prevent the sealed goods opening or replacing.